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I f your planning on filing bankruptcy and you want to keep your home, you must provide proof of the value of your property.

                       The court will want to see proof of the

                       value of your home to be sure hat the

                       equity in your property isn't above a 

                       certain level.

                       The only proof he Bankruptcy Court will

                       accept is an official appraisal, prepared by 

                       Florida Sate Certified Real Estate Appraiser.

"The wrong appraisal could cost you your home. Don't take a chance by hiring a cut-rate appraisal firm."

Most appraisal firms primarily do appraisals for mortgages not bankrupcy. At best, hiring such a firm could be a waste of your money, at worst, it could cost you your home.

The problems with hiring an appraisal firm that doesn't do much (or any) for bankruptcy are:

                         They aren't familiar with the reporting requirements mandated by the Court.

                         The Court may not trust their appraisal and could reject it.

                         The're used to leaning towards the higher end of the value range, so your more

                         likely to get an inflated value.

We Do More Appraisals for Bankruptcy than Any Other Purpose

                          We've done thousands of bankruptcy appraisals and never had one rejected or

                          challenged by the Court.


                          Florida Courts rust our appraisals - we often act as a court-appointed appraisal firm.


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